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Web Project

Client: Doc Gardewine
Technologies: WordPress, Client Portal, Email, Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Google Docs

Doc wanted to build a presence for his home watch business. The site has a form for new clients to sign up for service, a pricing page, and a backend client portal where clients can view home watch reports, and exchange files with Doc. Doc also wanted an easy method to fill out his checklists during the home visits and send the finished reports to the homeowners afterwards. The checklist had to be easy to use and update, and the report needed to be sent automatically to make the process easy for Doc and his clients. I ended up using Google Forms to create a form that can be accessed through a web browser. The form also allows Doc to upload pictures and video. Once the forms are submitted, a Google Form plugin automatically saves the form data into Google Doc report files and emails a pdf of the reports to Doc. The emails can then be forwarded on to Doc’s clients.