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Wonderware’s InTouch software is one of the easiest SCADA software packages to use and learn. SCADA application can be developed quickly using their software, but development goes even faster when you use shortcut keys that are built into the software. Here are the top 12 shortcut key I recommend all InTouch developers learn to speed up their development time.

Select all the objects on the screen.

Group the selected objects into a cell. A cell is a group of objects where each object is independent of the other objects contained in the cell. Each object in the cell retains its own animations.

Break, ungroup, the selected cell. Once ungrouped, the objects’ animations remain intact. Multiple cells can be broken at the same time.

Group the selected objects into a symbol. A symbol is a group of objects that act as one object with one common set of animations. Multiple objects with animations configured cannot be grouped into a symbol. However, if only one of the selected objects has animations assigned to it, then those animations will be present in the symbol.

Break, ungroup, the selected symbol. Breaking a symbol removes all animations, so the the individual objects will not have img_intouch_paste_linksany animations configured after the break. Luckily though, the next time you create a symbol after breaking a symbol containing animations, WindowMaker will display a popup asking if you want to Paste Links. Selecting yes will apply the same animations from the symbol you previously broke apart. This is helpful when you need to break a symbol containing animations to make some changes to the objects. When you make the symbol again, just press the Yes button to apply the animations to the new symbol.

Send the selected objects to the back. You could also think of this as sending the selected objects to the bottom of any unselected objects that are currently under the selected objects. Some software packages refer to this as the z-order as well.

Bring the selected objects to the front. or on top, of any other objects not selected at the time.

Duplicate the selected objects.

Opens the case-sensitive tag search and replace popup. Also useful for displaying the tags used in the selected objects’ animations.

Opens the case-sensitive string search and replace popup.

Opens the window properties for the current window. Useful for quickly accessing the window properties but especially the window scripts.

Fast-switches between WindowMaker and WindowViewer. It’s the same as pressing the development or runtime fast switching img_intouch_btn_runtimebuttons in the upper-right corner of the WindowMaker and WindowViewer img_intouch_btn_developmentscreens. Be careful with this feature, though, because older versions of InTouch are notorious for corrupting the application project when fast-switching between WindowMaker and WindowViewer.