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MR Jibe

SQL Database Sync Utility

Desktop/CLI Application

Technologies: C#, Microsoft Sync Framework

MR Jibe started life out as a piece of code in the MRPlatform code library. However, after several internal discussions and some self-reflection, I decided to pull out the SQL sync code from MRPlatform and build a separate, standalone program that can be used to provision and sync databases using Microsoft’s Sync Framework. MR Jibe can also be be used to sync databases from the command line. MR Systems is currently using MR Jibe on projects with multiple SCADA servers each using a local SQL Express database to store HMI configuration information as well as data for reporting. Replication wasn’t a good option to keep the databases in sync with each other, so MR Jibe is called before and after database calls to be certain the database stay synchronized at all times.